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Piedmont York Rite College #84

An Honorary and Invitational Body Dedicated to service to the York Rite of Freemasonry.

South Carolina

About the

Piedmont York Rite College #84

The York Rite Sovereign College of North America exists primarily to be of service to the York Rite of Freemasonry. Constituent colleges must declare fealty to the Grand Lodge of their respective jurisdictions. The pre-requisite for membership, which is by invitation only, is good-standing in all four York Rite bodies: Lodge, Chapter, Council and Commander.

The first York Rite College was constituted on June 15, 1957 in the City of Jackson, Michigan. From here, the new organization spread rapidly from coast to coast and from north to south and by 1970 Colleges had been established in fourteen States and one Province of Canada.
Membership in a College is by invitation, and is restricted to those who hold membership in all of the other York Rite bodies. Since the primary object of every College is to foster a spirit of service and to promote and support the York Rite in every way possible, it is no surprise to find many of the leaders of the Craft numbered among its ranks. Here they find a common ground from which the can act for the welfare of all York Rite bodies without special favor to any. Colleges have been active in the organization of York Rite Festivals, degree teams, drill corps, and many other functions which serve to assist, coordinate, and unify the Rite.


Under the jurisdiction of the

York Rite Sovereign College of North America

Meeting Time & Location

Annual Meeting Third Saturday in May @ 1:00 PM
Luncheon 12:00 noon
Associate Regents 12:30 pm
Election and Installation of Officers

2nd Meeting Third Saturday in November @ 1:00 pm
Luncheon 12:00 noon
Associate Regents 12:30 pm
Business, Degree Conferral

(Location may vary)

Contact info

George Peters, Secretary
PO Box 878
Duncan, SC 29334
Office: 864-804-6530
Cell: 864-357-3891
e-mail: [email protected]



Governor Stephen Moss Whitaker
Deputy Governor James Whitney Barr
Chancellor Byron Emery Honbarger
Treasurer Douglas Roy Knauer
Secretary George Richard Peters
Primate Ronald Lee Dodson
Preceptor Patrick James Mulligan
Seneschal John Seaborn Rush
Marshall Ted Cox Thomas
Sentinel Thomas Evans Watson
Herald George Mabry


PYRC Associate Regents
1992 Jerry M. Owens
1995 Earl P. Hudgens, Jr.
1998 Douglas G. Lee
1995 Bobby J. Sprouse
1999 Larry S. Rhodes
2000 J. Sam Burton
2001 Johnnie T. Morris {70}
2005 Howard T. Burgess, Sr.
2008 Michael E. Copeland
2008 C. Hogan Hairston
2012 Jay Adam Person
2014 Joseph Parnell
2017 Gerald D. Burton
2018 Marcus L. Burdette
2019 J. W. Benjamin Hammond, Jr.
2020 George Peters
2021 Douglas Knauer

Degree Team(s)

First and Third Sections
MAY November
Governor Steve Fields Marcus Burdette
Deputy Governor James Lyle Ronald Dodson
Chancellor Michael E. Copeland Steve Whitaker
Primate Joe Granger James W. Barr
Preceptor Benny Hammond Byron Honbarger
Seneschal C. Richard Lane C. Richard Lane
Marshall William R. Hall Gerald Burton
Second Section
May November
King Athelstan George Peters Gerald Burton
Prince Edwin Ted Burgess George Peters
Lord Chancellor of the Court Tim Livingston Doug Knauer
Lord Archbishop of England C. Richard Lane Bobby J. Sprouse
Lord Prospector of York University Ronnie Richards Stephen M. Whitaker
Grand Commander of Chivalry Art Schnider Steve Fields
Lord Mayor of York Steve Whitaker James Barr
Knight Commander Pat Mulligan Donnie Richards
Knights Doyle Black William R. Hall
James Lyle Joe Grainger
Overseer Earl P. Hudgens Ronnie Dodson
Workmen Byron Honbarger Terry Pruitt
Jim Humphries Ted Thomas
Proloque George Peters James Barr
Lecture Gerald Burton Gerald Burton
Director of Work

Past Governors

Year Name
* 1983-1984 William A. Moseley
1990-1991 Jerry M. Owens
1992-1993 Earl P. Hudgens, Jr.
1993-1994 Bobby J. Sprouse
1996-1997 Douglas G. Lee
1997-1998 Larry S. Rhodes
1999-2000 J. Sam Burton
* 2000-2001 Jerry O. Glenn
2005-2006 Howard T. Burgess
2006-2007 C. Hogan Hairston
2007-2008 Michael E. Copeland
2008-2009 Jay Adam Pearson
2009-2010 J.W. Benjamin Hammond, Jr.
2010-2011 Fred D. Thompson
2012-2013 Joe Parnell
2013-2014 George R. Peters
2014-2015 John W. Eudy
2015-2016 William R. Hall
2016-2017 Gerald D. Burton
2017-2018 Douglas R. Knauer
2018-2019 Marcus Burdette
2019-2021 C. Richard Lane
2021-2022 Richard L. Swecker
2022-2023 Steve Fields
2023-2024 Stephen Whitaker
* Deceased

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