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Palmetto York Rite College #70

An Honorary and Invitational Body Dedicated to service to the York Rite of Freemasonry.

South Carolina

About the

Palmetto York Rite College #70

The York Rite Sovereign College of North America exists primarily to be of service to the York Rite of Freemasonry. Constituent colleges must declare fealty to the Grand Lodge of their respective jurisdictions. The pre-requisite for membership, which is by invitation only, is good-standing in all four York Rite bodies: Lodge, Chapter, Council and Commander.

The first York Rite College was constituted on June 15, 1957 in the City of Jackson, Michigan. From here, the new organization spread rapidly from coast to coast and from north to south and by 1970 Colleges had been established in fourteen States and one Province of Canada.
Membership in a College is by invitation, and is restricted to those who hold membership in all of the other York Rite bodies. Since the primary object of every College is to foster a spirit of service and to promote and support the York Rite in every way possible, it is no surprise to find many of the leaders of the Craft numbered among its ranks. Here they find a common ground from which the can act for the welfare of all York Rite bodies without special favor to any. Colleges have been active in the organization of York Rite Festivals, degree teams, drill corps, and many other functions which serve to assist, coordinate, and unify the Rite.


Under the jurisdiction of the

York Rite Sovereign College of North America

Meeting Time & Location

Annual Meeting
First Saturday in May at 1:30 PM
Luncheon at 12:30 PM

Fall Meeting
First Saturday in December at 1:30 PM
Luncheon at 12:30 PM
Associate Regents to meet following

Masonic Temple
1518 Hampton St, Columbia, SC

Dress Code

Dress: Tuxedo preferred

Contact info

Robert (Bob) J Bean
724 Kitty Ln
Florence, SC 29501
Phone: (843) 229-4710
E-mail: [email protected]



1982 * J.D. Penley, Jr.
* Willard F. Bond, Jr.
1983 * Andrew C. Grambling
1984 * John B. Maxey
1985 * George W. Romanstine
1986 * John A. Dixon
* Cammie E, Murphy
* Jesse Branham
1987 * Samuel H.J. Womack
# Sam L. Grant
1988 * G. Ray Marsh
1989 * Everette T. Deitz
* Alfred Alsbrook
1990 * Raymond A. Wood
* William E. Fuller
1991 Joseph L. McGee, Sr.
1992 * R. Henry Brown
* Leroy W. Wells
* Grady L. Fincher
1993 # J. Allen Prescott
* Robert D. Yonce
1994 * James C. Dover
1995 J. Gordon Cartrette
* Robert C. Hopple
* Vernon A. Amick
1996 * J. Frank Gilliland
* Ford M. Thornton, Jr.
* T. Henry Waldrep {84}
1997 Lee Roy Bruce
* Henry Gregory Hiers
1998 D. Samuel Tennyson
* Clarence E. Longberry, Jr.
Robert J. Bean, Sr.
1999 Larry S. Rhodes {84}
2000 Rawl J. Scheibler
* William R. Logan
Gary B. Hinson
J. Sam Burton {84}
Norman Everett Wood
2001 * J.C. “Mike” Hubbard, Jr.
Johnnie T. Morris
James D. Alewine {84}
2002 John T. Davis, Sr.
* John J. Hutton
* Martin Price
2004 * Leland Aubrey Haynes, Sr.
Clarence Leroy “Roy” Alsbrooks
[80] Clarence Elton “Bud” Turner
2005 Sidney Harold Gregory
* Lawrence E. Schoff
* Arthur C. Tracey
Howard T. Burgess {84}
2006 Gerald L. Carver
* Wayne C. Smith, Jr.
Michael E. Copeland {84}
2011 * Leroy J. Delionbach
* Charles E. Mackey
2012 Douglas L. Amyx
Richard Wayne Sealy
2013 Floyd W. Goff, Sr.
2014 O. Walter Sealy
Albert J. Wyatt
2015 Robert J. Bean, Jr.
A. Glenn Greene, III
2017 John T. “Temp” Dickson
2018 Gary C. Sowell
Zebulon V. Morgan, III
2019 Dana P. Rickards
2021 Robert Lacer
F Dean Tollison
2022 Michael W Kirk
2023 Michael J Broom
{xx} Body received in, if not 70



Preeminent Governor Zebulon Morgan {5}
Eminent Deputy Governor Michael W Kirk {6}
Eminent Chancellor Michael J Broom {2}
Eminent Treasurer F Dean Tollison, PG
Eminent Secretary Robert “Bob” J. Bean, Sr., PG
Eminent Primate Ricky C Freeman {6}
Eminent Preceptor Robert Lacer {2}
Eminent Seneschal Thomas (TJ) H Martin Jr {4}
Eminent Marshall William S Ghent {5}
Eminent Sentinel John R Bowker {2}
Eminent Herald William Summerville {4}
Director of Work John R Bowker
Asst. Director of Work


Bobby J. Fisher, Chairman Robert “Bob” J. Bean, Sr., PG, Chairman
Michael Kirk H Ted Burgess PG
Robert Saverance Rawl J. Scheibler, PG

Degree Team(s)

First and Third Section
Governor Gary James Joe Terry
Deputy Governor Rob Lacer (volunteer needed)
Chancellor Rawl Scheibler (volunteer needed)
Primate Jim Smith (volunteer needed)
Preceptor Brian Armstrong Jon Majerus
Seneschal Richard Valentine Dean Tollison
Marshall Walt Sealy (volunteer needed)
Prologue Richard Sealy Dana Rickards
Lecture Gary Sowell (volunteer needed)
Second Section
Athelstan Lee Roy Bruce Ian Strickland
Prince Edward Acey Flora (volunteer needed)
Lord Chancellor Charles Varn  Tony Bizakis
of the Court
Lord Archbishop Robert Saverance (volunteer needed)
of England
Lord Preceptor Jeff Hall Ricky Freeman
of York University
Lord Grand Commander Mike Kirk Tommy Hayes
of Chivalry
Lord Mayor of York John Bowker Floyd Goff
Overseers Hal Gregory, etc. Jon Majerus, etc.
Knight Commanders Tom/Zeb Morgan, etc. (volunteer needed)
Herald (volunteer needed) (volunteer needed)
The above is the assigned degree team. for our Meeting On May 4, 2024 .
If you cannot take part, please notify John Bowker at (803) 767-0932 ASAP.
If you are an alternate, we expect you to be there and prepared to do your part.
We are depending on you.
Please try to have your part memorized.

Past Governors

1979 * Wallace J. Knopp
1980 * George W. Romanstine
1981 * Willard Faroe Bond, Jr.
1982 * John B. Maxey
1983 * Andrew Copes Gramling, Jr.
1984 * Samuel H.J. Womack
1985 * James D. Penley, Jr.
1986 * William E. Fuller, Jr.
1987 * W. Jay Horne
1988 * J.B. McGuirt
1989 * John Alexander Dixon
1990 * G. Ray Marsh
1991 * Alfred Allsbrook
1992 * R. Henry Brown
1993 * Raymond A. Wood
1994 Joseph L. McGee
1995 J. Gordon Cartrette
1996 * J. Frank Gilliland
1997 * Ford M. Thornton
1998 * Vernon A. Amick
1999 * Neal H. Brown, Jr.
2000 D. Samuel Tennyson
2001 * Everette T. Deitz
2002 Robert J. Bean, Sr.
2003 Norman E. Wood
2004 Johnnie T. Morris
2005 Rawl J. Scheibler
2005 * J.C. Hubbard, Jr.
2007 Roy Alsbrooks, Jr.
2008 Gary B. Hinson
2009 C. E. “Bud” Turner
2010 * William R. “Bill” Logan
2011 * Charles E. Mackey
2013 Gerald L. “Jerry” Carver
2014 * L. Aubrey Haynes
2015 Lee Roy Bruce
2016 S. Harold Gregory
2017 Robert J. “Robby” Bean, Jr.
2018 * Larry Dempsey
2019 Richard W Sealy
2020 A Glenn Greene III
2021 A Glenn Greene III
2022 F Dean Tollison
2023 Floyd W Goff
2024 Dana P Rickards
* Deceased

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