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South Carolina College

Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis

South Carolina

About the

South Carolina College

Columbia, South Carolina
Chartered: February 18, 1978

The Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis is a Rosicrucian Society based in the United States of America extending from its formation of a Grand High Council on April 21st, 1880 and its official consecration on September 21, 1880, by three Colleges chartered by the Societas Rosicruciana In Scotia. High Grade Christian Freemasons in the United States in search of the Classical Rosicrucian Society for Masons in the United Kingdom became interested in organizing a similar body in the United States and did so under Scotland’s authority (Societas Rosicruciana In Scotia) with the help of Most Worthy Charles Matier of the SRIS, as early as 1873. This effort died out two years later under the care of R.W. Frater George S. Blackie VIII and was then re-chartered by the SRIS later again in 1878. Dr. Jonathon J. French was a IX grade head of the Rosicrucian Society of the United States & opened the Matier Royal Provincial College with a charter from Lord Inverurie, Earl of Kincore and Supreme Magus of the SRIS. The college was named after Charles Fitzgerald Matier, the first Supreme Magus of SRIS who served in 1876. Harold Van Buren Voorhis insists that the Illinois College under Dr. French was never truly active, and it certainly was short-lived as Dr. French died an untimely death in 1879. Harold Voorhis also insisted that Frater Stodart Blackie’s early charter in New York had been nothing more than an unsubstantiated rumor. It has since been established as historical fact. (source:

Under the jurisdiction of the

High Council Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis

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Meeting Time & Location

Annual - Second Saturday in June
Luncheon - 12:00 PM - Stag
Meeting - Immediately after Luncheon

Last Saturday in October
Luncheon - 12:00 PM - Stag
Meeting - Immediately after Luncheon

Please notify Secretary if coming for Luncheon to ensure there is enough food for everyone.

Dress Code

Officers and Degree Teams - Tux
Members - Coat and Tie, Dark Suit preferred

Contact info

J. Sam Burton, VII°
701 Hampton Road
Liberty, SC 29657-9296
Phone: (864) 723-5595
Email: [email protected]


Douglas L. Amyx, VII° George S. Mabry, Jr. – VII°
Harvie B. Bailey, VII° John R. Marcucci, VII°
Robert J. Bean, Jr. – VII° Jack A. Marler, VII°
Robert J. Bean, Sr. – VIII° Joseph L. McGee, VIII° {E}
John R. Bowker, VII° George Walker Moore, VII°
Michael J. Broom, VII° Zebulon V. Morgan, III – VII°
Lee Roy Bruce, Sr. – VII° {E} Johnnie T. Morris, VII° {E}
Marcus L. Burdette, VII° Jerry M. Owens, VIII° {E}
H. Ted Burgess, Sr. – IX° G. R. “Guy” Palmer, Jr. – VII°
J. Sam Burton, VIII° Jay A. Pearson, VII°
J. Gordon Cartrette, IX° {E} Victor D. Phillips, VII°
Gerald L. Carver, IX° Robert E. Powers, VII°
Lloyd F. Christopher, VII° Phillip S. Reichner, III – VII°
Michael E. Copeland, VII° Larry S. Rhodes, VII° {E}
John T. Davis, Sr. – VII° {E} Dana P. Rickards, VII°
David J. DeChant, Sr. – VII° William B. Rogers, VII°
A. C. “AC” Flora, IV – VII° Robert M. Saverance, VII°
Ricky C. Freeman, VII° Rawl J. Scheibler, IX°
S. Hal Gregory, VII° Richard W. Sealy, VII°
Jeff L. Hall, VII° Edward E. Smith, Jr. – VII°
Steven D. Hames, VII° Gary C. Sowell, VII°
G. R. “Mike” Harman, VII° D. Sam Tennyson, Sr. – IX° {E}
Gary B. Hinson, IX° F. Dean Tollison, VII°
Earl P. Hudgens, Jr., VII° {E} Thomas E. Watson, VII°
Gary T. James, VII° Jerry A. Willard, Jr. – VII°
{E} = Emeritus


Title Name
Chief Adept RW Rawl J. Scheibler, IX°
Celebrant VW S. Hal Gregory, VII°
Suffragan VW Harvie B. Bailey, VII°
Secretary RW J. Sam Burton, VIII°
Treasurer VW Robert M. Saverance, VIIº
Primus Ancient VW Jack A. Marler, PGM – VII°
Secundus Ancient VW Robert J. Bean, Jr. – VII°
Tertius Ancient VW Gary C. Sowell, VII°
Quartus Ancient VW F. Dean Tollison, VII°
Conductor of Novices VW David J. DeChant, PGM – VII°
Prelate VW Zeb. V. Morgan, III – VII°
First Herald VW Dana P. Rickards, VII°
Second Herald RW J. Sam Burton, VIII°
Torch Bearer VW Robert E. Powers, VII°
Guardian of the Caverns VW A. C. “AC” Flora, IV – VII°
Acolyte VW Jeff L. Hall, VII°
Librarian VW Marcus L. Burdette, VII°

Degree Team(s)

June Team October Team
Celebrant Lloyd Christopher Robert Powers
Guardian John Bowker
Conductor Phillip Reichner Marcus Burdette
First Ancient Robert Saverance Hal Gregory
Second Ancient Ricky Freeman Gary James
Third Ancient Zeb Morgan Ed Smith
Fourth Ancient Walker Moore Robert Bean Sr.
Expoient Richard Sealy
Acolyte Dean Tollisan Pete Bailey
Signs & Words Mike Harman
Torch Bearer Ed Smith
Address Guy Palmar
Director Work Robert Saverance

Past Officers

* 1978 – 1986 James D. Penly, Jr., IX°
* 1986 – 1989 J. B. McGuirt, IX°
* 1990 – 1992 Raymond A. Wood, IX°
* 1992 – 2000 Willard F. Bond, Jr., IX°
2000 – 2019 G. Kent Elkins, IX°
2019 – Present Rawl J. Scheibler, IX°
* Deceased
* 1978 Wally J. Knopp, VIII°
* 1979 Claude Roberston, VIII°
* 1980 Vernon T. Pinner, VII°
* 1981 J. B. McGuirt, IX°
* 1982 Willard F. Bond, Jr., IX°
* 1983 Joel W. Frampton, Jr. – VIII°
* 1984 John B. Maxey, VIII°
* 1985 Jerry B. Putnam, VII°
* 1986 Raymond A. Wood, IX°
* 1987 T. Harry White, VIII°
* 1988 Tommie F. Brant, VII°
* 1989 Sam L. Grant, Jr. – VII°
* 1990 H. Dwight McAlister, VIII°
* 1991 Vernon A. Amick, VIII°
* 1992 Samuel H. J. Womack, VIII°
* 1993 Jesse C. Branham, VII°
* 1994 Julius C. Hubbard, Jr. – VIII°
* 1995 G. Ray Marsh, IX°
* 1996 Alfred Allsbrook, VII°
* 1997 R. Henry Brown, VII°
* 1998 Sam M. Willis, VII°
* 1999 Charles A. Adams, VII°
* 2000 Everette T. Deitz, VII°
2001 Johnnie T. Morris, VII°
* 2002 William R. Logan, VIII°
* 2003 I. Lewis Langley, VII°
* 2004 Richard L. Harding, VII°
2005 Jerry M. Owens, VIII°
2006 Joseph L. McGee, Sr. – VIII°
2007 D. Samuel Tennyson, Sr. – IX°
2008 Rawl J. Scheibler, IX°
2009 Lloyd F. Christopher, VII°
2010 Earl P. Hudgens, VII°
2011 J. Gordon Cartrette, IX°
* 2012 J. Frank Gilliland, VII°
2013 Lee Roy Bruce, Sr. – VII°
# 2014 Jerry O. Glenn, VII°
2015 Gary B. Hinson, VIII°
2016 Robert J. Bean, Sr. – VIII°
* 2017 Wayne C. Smith, VII°
2018 Gerald L. Carver, IX°
2019/2020 Richard W. Sealy, VII°
2021 Jay A. Pearson, VII°
2022 G. R. “Guy” Palmer, Jr. – VII°
* Deceased
# Withdrawn
* 1978 – 1990 John A. Dixon, VIII°
* 1990 – 1991 Raymond A. Wood, IX°
* 1992 – 2006 Robert D. Yonce, VIII°
2019 – 2022 Robert J. Bean, Jr., VIII°
* Deceased
* 1978 – 1980 H. Dwight McAlister, VIII°
* 1980 – 1983 Wally J. Knopp, VIII°
* 1984 – 1985 Claude Robertson, VIII°
* 1985 – 1987 Andrew H. Gramling, VIII°
* 1987 – 1991 Willard F. Bond, Jr., IX°
2019 – Present J. Sam Burton, VII°
* Deceased
1992 – 2006 Robert D. Yonce, VIII°
* 2006 – 2012 William R. Logan, VIII°
2012 – 2019 J. Gordon Cartrette, IX°
* Deceased

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South Carolina College