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Order of High Priest

Chair Degree for past High Priests

South Carolina

About the

Order of High Priest

Any Companion who is presiding, or has presided, over a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons in South Carolina is invited to have the Order conferred. Please contact the Secretary of your Constituent Chapter for a petition or download a copy from this web site where the forms and documents are found.

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Meeting Time & Location

The Council of the Order of High Priesthood of South Carolina will convene on the Third Saturday in April at the Masonic Temple in Columbia. (Check the Calendar on the homepage of the Grand York Rite website for the time.)

Dress Code

Officers and Degree Team - Dark Suit

Contact info

Robert J. "Bob" Bean, Sr.
724 Kitty Ln
Florence SC 29501-8836
Tel. No.: 843-229-4710
E-mail: [email protected]


Most Excellent President Gerald Burton {3}
Excellent Vice President Douglas Knauer {4}
Excellent Chaplain Walker Moore {2}
M Ex Recorder Robert J Bean Sr PP
Ex Master of Ceremonies Robert Saverance {6}
Ex Conductor Ricky Chubb {1}
Ex Herald Gary Sowell {5}
Ex Steward Marcus Burdette {3}
Ex Sentinel Jeffrey Hall {2}

Degree Team(s)

Primary Alternate
Most Excellent President Gerald Burton
Excellent Vice President James Lyles
Excellent Chaplain Richard Sealy Steve Whitaker
M Ex Recorder Bob Bean
Ex Master of Ceremonies Pete Bailey
Ex Conductor Steve Fields
Ex Herald Charles Varn
Ex Steward
Degree Master Gerald Burton