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Knight Crusader of the Cross

Chair Degree for past Commanders

South Carolina

About the

Knight Crusader of the Cross

Any Sir Knight who is now presiding or has presided over a Commandery of Knights Templar in South Carolina is invited to have the Order conferred. Please contact the Recorder of your Constituent Commandery for a petition or download a petition found under Forms & Documents on this Website.

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Meeting Time & Location

The Knight Crusaders of the Cross of South Carolina will convene on the third Saturday of April at the Masonic Temple in Columbia. (Check the Calendar on the homepage of the Grand York Rite website for the time.)
Note: Next meeting is 2025. Times will be posted on the SCGYR Home Page Calendar.

Dress Code

Officers and Degree Team - KT Uniform.

Contact info

Robert J. “Bob” Bean, Sr.
724 Kitty Ln
Florence SC 29501-8836
Tel. No.: 843-229-4710
E-mail: [email protected]


Officers 2024-25
Knight Crusader of the East Michael J Broom {2}
KC of the West Gerald Burton {3}
KC of the South Nelson Horton (4}
KC of the North Mark McDonald {5}
KC Treasurer Dana P Rickards PKCE
KC Recorder Robert J Bean Sr PKCE
KC of the Holy Cross Mike Kirk {6}
KC of the Asylum Ron Quattlebaum {1}
KC of the Temple John Marcucci {2}

Degree Team(s)

Primary Alternate
Knight Crusader of the East Jeff Hall Richard Sealy
Knight Crusader of the West Ted Thomas Pete Bailey
Knight Crusader of the South Ron Quattleabum Dana Rickards
Knight Crusader of the North Mark McDonald Harvie Bailey
Knight Crusader of the Holy Cross Gary Sowell
Knight Crusader of the Asylum Gerald Burton
Knight Crusader of the Temple Mike Kirk
Degree Master Jeffrey Hall

Past Officers

Past Knight Crusaders of the East
Richard L Harding * 1994
H Gregory Hiers * 1995
D Samuel Tennyson Sr 1996
Jerry M Owens 1997
G Kent Elkins * 1998
William R Logan * 1999
Ford M Thorton * 2000
Johnnie T Morris 2001
T Henry Waldrep * 2002
Richard A Wesner 2003
Doug G Lee 2004
Joseph L McGee 2005
C E “Bud” Turner * 2006
Leroy J Delionbach * 2007
R Henry Brown * 2008
Robert J ‘Bob’ Bean Sr 2009
Robert V Pinkston * 2010
S Hal Gregory 2011
L Aubry Haynes * 2012
Gary B Hinson 2013
J Gordon Cartrette 2014
H Ted Burgess 2015
Dana P Rickards 2016
Lee Roy Bruce Sr 2017
Richard W Sealy 2018
Gary C Sowell 2019-2020
J Sam Burton 2021
Harvie B “Pete” Bailey 2022
Floyd W Goff Sr 2023
Michael J Broom 2024

Chair and Milestone Degrees

Order of High Priest

Thrice Illustrious Master

Knight Crusader of the Cross