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Cryptic Masons Medical Research Foundation 501(c)(3)

The Cryptic Masons Medical Research Foundation (CMMRF) is the national Philanthropy of the General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons International.

CMMRF supports the Indiana Center for Vascular Biology and Medicine, (ICVBM), located at the Indiana University School of Medicine and the Richard Roudebush Veteran’s Administration Medical Center located at Indianapolis Indiana.

Because blood vessels are important in maintaining the health or repairing almost all tissues, practically all diseases turn out to have a vascular component connected to their origin or remediation. Diabetes, stroke, poor circulation, wound healing, and many other diseases share the common denominator of blood vessels. Centering our contributions to an organization that addresses so many different health concerns, both nationally and internationally, allows our supporters to share in the medical advancements, regardless of geography. Through the basic and clinical research, conducted by ICVBM and supported by CMMRF, advancements are being made to discover cures for many of today’s health problems, prevent major diseases, and finally to save lives. We have the opportunity to improve the human condition for those most dear to us and ourselves. We invite you to become a part of this team and join our partnership in discovery. Let’s do something great together!” (copied from the CMMRF official web page and used with the permission of the CMMRF)

All donations from South Carolina are encouraged to be sent to/through the CMMRF Committee Chairman of the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of South Carolina. Please make all checks payable to “Cryptic Masons Medical Research Foundation”, note in the memo field which Council No. you belong to (if applicable), and send them to:

James W. Barr
107 Evans Rd.
Iva, SC 29655-9396

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