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Lucius A and Margaret B Todd Charities Fund

The Lucius A. and Margaret B. Todd Fund is a 501c3 corporation created and sponsored by the Grand York Rite Bodies of South Carolina.

All monies donated to this fund are tax deductible per 501c3 guidelines.

The monies are invested, and each year twenty (20) percent of the earnings are reinvested in to the corporation.  The remaining earnings, after expenses, are divided evenly between the RARA, CMMRF, and KTEF charities.

Note: Expenses each year consist of any operating expenses and any legal services, Federal fees, and State fees required to maintain the 501c3 status.  No monies are paid to any officer or member of the corporation for service or for travel expenses.

L. Joe Granger
115 Allee St
Clemson, SC 29631
[email protected]
(864) 654-2793